You are living in the digital age. You are a creator and your mobile devices are your instrument. You make phone calls and send texts to the ones you love. You make videos and take pictures when you travel to tell your story. But, where does your story live? Where does your data go? How do you manage the value of your digital assets? It is time to take back your wealth and stop living as a dweller. Become a Digitzen, an enlightened citizen of the digital world. A true digital democracy needs everyone’s participation.

We lose our privacy, our value, and our unintentional data that comes from our personal network and social connectivity.We lose our liberty to operate on social media outside the centralized Internet.We have become dependent on platforms that control our data and we have lost the freedom to choose our desired form of social media.

In a decentralized network system, large-scale hacks will become obsolete because there will be no centralized database or storage that can be targeted. This improves the overall safety, as cyber attacks would be focused on individual accounts.Decentralized networks will be able to maintain functionality if nodes are lost or damaged because of their worldwide distribution.

In a digital democracy, no single, centralized power will ever be in complete control of the computation and data. Instead, the control will be in the hands of the public and the individuals.A digital democracy will be governed by consensus, not by a single person or entity. There can be multiple outcomes regarding AI: The replacement of the human race can become a possibility if AI continues to leverage big data in a centralized digital society. In a decentralized society, the human race can fuse with AI to create a new experience and existence that utilizes an inclusive operating system. This form of AI will coexist and work together with humanity while utilizing decentralized storage, transmission, and processing power.

We will build a foundation and infrastructure to develop and spearhead a movement to a decentralized ecosystem and economy.

We will preserve digital democracy and further secure our digital assets.

We will support endeavors that align with our vision by opening our platform and by providing technology, infrastructure, resources, community, and financial support.

We will look to prevent the nefarious development of AI by integrating the technology within humanity to form a harmonious species.

Alpha Browser will bring the ability to build a lifelong digital asset portfolio that is free of the guidelines and cost of a centralized network. Instead of “renting space” in the centralized internet world controlled by the monopolies, Alpha Browser users can accumulate their own digital wealth and completely own their entire digital asset.

Alpha Browser is an important module of the first truly decentralized content ecosystem that incorporates decentralized file storage, file transmission, and computation.

Content creators and publishers have complete control of their own creation and intellectual property.

Content creators and publishers enjoy complete control of the financial returns of their creation.

Content creators and publishers have total flexibility and control of the advertising and promotion of their content. There will be no need to go through a third party or agency.

The private information of the users are well protected with a browsing experience that leaves no digital footprint.

Content creators, consumers, and advertisers have direct peer-to-peer communication.

Digitzens are enlightened citizens of the digital word who are free from the centralized soci0-economic oppression and manipulation. A Digitzen possesses and maintains complete individual liberty within a digital ecosystem that fosters freedom of speech and choice of platform. A Digitzen is an enlightened member of a digital democracy that puts economic, social, and political control back in the hands of its citizens.