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How To Win In Crypto Without Investing Money

20 May 2018

Investing in cryptocurrency is a hot topic right now. Are you prepared to jump into a craze feet first? Let’s take a look!

The first “craze” I remember being apart of was the Beanie Baby takeover in the late 1990s. I would go into every Hallmark store in Tucson, Arizona hoping to find “Inch, The Inchworm” to add to my massive collection of stuffed animals with plastic cases on their tags.

One day before a baseball tournament, my mom and I woke up at 5:00 AM to storm a grand opening of some shop that promised to have a bunch of the “Teddy Bear beanies”. I wanted all of them. Did I play with them? Nope…Did I display them in my room? Nope. So, why did I NEED them? The reason was simple: FOMO. Every childhood craze I lived through from Yo-yos to Pokemon was sparked by a major feeling of “fear of missing out.” I never wanted to go to school and feel like I couldn’t chop it up with the boys about Jigglypuff. Today, cryptocurrency makes me feel the way I did back in middle school. I am horrified that I am going to miss out on all this “money” being “made.”

If this is the next tech boom of course I want to be a part of it!

However, there is a giant difference between this “craze” and fidget spinners. No, I’m not talking about the fact that Blockchain is potentially life-changing technology that could influence the world order and the financial systems within. I am talking about money. Cryptocurrency is EXPENSIVE (if you want to potentially make some serious returns). For example, A Charizard card was like $100 bucks in its peak and Bitcoin was $20,000. Not really an affordable hobby…but, I am telling you that you can still make money and impact this industry without spending a dime.

Fidget spinner.

When I first started researching cryptocurrency in late 2017 I had an epiphany. I remember sitting on my friend’s couch: everyone had their computers and cell phones out talking about what coins to invest in. “Dude, I have a buddy who knows a buddy whose cousin works at Coinbase. He said to invest in Ripple.” As I started to get a feel for the lingo and the cliches I realized how ridiculous we were being. We weren’t going to make any “real” money putting in a hundred bucks every other week. It was at this moment that it hit me. Cryptocurrency has opened up an entirely new media industry that is ripe for picking. There are going to be blogs, social media accounts, YouTube channels, courses, “coaches,” fashion, movies, you name it. Despite popular belief, content is King, not Lebron James. Below is a list of ways you can kill it in this industry without investing any money.

Start a Crypto Podcast

One of the best (and worst) aspects of crypto is that it is insanely volatile and unpredictable. There is something to talk about every single day whether its what coins are up or what coins are down. You could talk about ICO’s, investment strategies, Blockchain conferences, the future, media manipulation, etc. Crypto news is similar to political news today in the sense there is always something insane and controversial to discuss. The best part about it is you don’t really have to be an expert in this industry because nobody really is an expert…yet. You can have episodes where all you do is talk about how much you could be making saying classic lines like: “Dude, if we would have put $100 in Ethereum two years ago we would have blank.”

Start or Write for a Crypto Blog

Everything you could say in a podcast applies to writing for a blog or starting your own. Also, it is really fun writing about crypto. I’m doing it right now. Inception.

Start a Crypto Vlog or YouTube Channel

You don’t have to have the last name “Paul” to start a Vlog. Also, you don’t have to be an over-excited, charismatic lunatic that yells into the camera at tweens to buy your “merch.” You can be you. Again, this space is RIPE for the picking for video content creators. You can document your investments and talk about how you feel every day, or you can do technical analysis and draw a bunch of trend lines that don’t mean anything. All you have to do is name yourself, “CryptoSomething,” and start filming. Hell, you can even make music about it!

Start a Crypto Social Media Account and Become an Influencer

One of the first things I did when I educated myself on crypto is do what I do best: start a Meme Account that satires the world of Blockchain. If you aren’t funny, you can post about everything else we talked about above which I will repeat for you convenience: news, ICO’s, investment strategies, emotions… pictures of your private jet… whatever you want! Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are at your disposal.

Come Up with a Product

How easy would it be to make some cool crypto clothes or products that stay stuff like “HODL,” “Moonshot,” or just a picture of a bull running? Get it? Like a bull run…. You can make shirts, note pads, phone cases, or any other product that applies to this niche audience. In fact, you can develop a large social media following from your Meme account and start selling merch like you are one of the Paul Brothers.


Every option I just mentioned has little to no start-up cost and can be created in the next five minutes. Get out there and create and maybe one day your Instagram account will make you enough money to actually invest in Bitcoin. One can dream…

You're Right Adena Friedman, We Should be Getting Ready for Cryptocurrency