It is our mission to preserve and protect the digital democracy, the most essential, indispensable principle to a happy and prosperous society.

We shall own the entirety of our personal information, intentional and unintentional. Only if we choose to authorize the use of our information can it be granted. Its utility is within the sole purview of the Digitzen and with nobody else.

We shall also have the right to refuse the binding of personal information to any digital good or service.

We shall no longer be forced to disclose our most intimate data to access the technology or platforms that have, for so long, infringed upon our privacy. It shall be our choice to grant access to our data.

We shall not be forced to trade personal liberty for neither convenience nor utility.

We shall also have the right to decline any form of information blockade.

We shall not grant a tyrannical, centralized source the ability to restrict our speech or opinions. There shall be no censorship against, or from any Digitzen.

We shall be in complete control of our digital assets without losing any value to negotiation, time, or bias.

We shall possess and maintain direct participation without elected officials, operating as a true democracy that encourages and practices verifiable equality.

We shall have the right to preserve and protect all pillars within this digital democracy.

Finally, as imminent despotic powers attempt to rise, we shall have the right to reveal any particular entity or behavior that threatens our way of life. We must prevent any form of centralization or monopolization from emerging in our digital society.

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