Freedom is the most valuable asset that a human can possess. Freedom is the right to act, speak, or think how you want without any authoritative intervention. When James Madison proposed the Bill of Rights to amend the Constitution of The United States, he understood that individual liberty was the essential, indispensable principle to a happy, prosperous society. The Bill of Rights was written by the Founding Fathers to protect and prepare us for the inevitable, infinite struggle for power and control that takes place within every society. Towards the end of the twentieth century a new form of society emerged that coexisted with the tangible one. This society has its own economy, its own bureaucrats, and its own citizens. This society does not exist on land, in space, or in the sea. It is a progressive society, formed from the adoption and integration of technologies. This is of course, the digital society.

Experts believed that new technology would increase efficiency, productivity, and human capability while generally driving down cost, waste and poverty. Politically, many hoped the success of technological development would ultimately promote the values of democracy empowering both the companies and individuals within. Unfortunately, the contrary has taken place, as the "citizens" of this digital society more accurately resemble undocumented residents with trivial influence on culture and policy. These digital dwellers are internet users at the mercy of despotic powers who exercise their control though products, services, and technologies.

The digital society is made up of billions of digital dwellers that generate an enormous amount of daily information in the form of data. Some of this information is intentional, like an article or video that a user chooses to access. The rest is unintentional, such as geo-location or browsing records. This data generated by digital dwellers is being taken away and sold to the highest bidder without compensating its owners. It is the despotic digital powers that pray upon the dwellers, completely stripping away their individual, political, and economic liberties. The monopolized platforms and products continue to oppress and consume the digital world by coercing the digital dwellers into apathy. Personal freedom, privacy, and value are consistently being deprived as many decisions are made in the name of us, despite us. However, there is a common theme of rebellious objection that we have seen throughout the history of societal development. In the digital society this theme is exemplified in a call for decentralization.

Blockchain technology is the most recent example from humanity to decentralize the institutions that have been hijacked by the various forms oppressive, despotic powers. Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." As we have seen throughout history, humanity will never give up its freedom with a fight. We are now at a pivotal point in time where we need to awaken the digital dwellers and call for the preservation of their rights and franchise within the digital society. Digital dwellers must become Digital Citizens, proudly proclaimed as Digitzens free from centralization and despotism. We must become enlightened free citizens of the digital world, with our own declaration that grants and protects our rights along with the evolution of the technology that has tried to oppress us.

It is in this spirit that we declare the following rights of Digitizens.

In a complete decentralized digital democracy, we shall own the entirety of our personal information, intentional and unintentional. Only if we choose to authorize the use of our information can it be granted. Its utility is within the sole purview of the Digitzen and with nobody else. We shall also have the right to refuse the binding of personal information to any digital good or service. We shall no longer be forced to disclose our most intimate data to access the technology or platforms that have for so long, infringed upon our privacy. It shall be our choice to grant access to our data. We shall not be forced to trade personal liberty for convenience or utility. We shall also have the right to decline any form of information blockade. We shall not grant a tyrannical, centralized source the ability to restrict our speech or our opinions. There shall be no censorship against or from any Digitzen.

In a decentralized digital economy, we shall only profit from our own digital assets. We shall be in complete control of our digital assets without losing any value to negotiation, time, or bias.

There will be no need for representation in a decentralized digital society. We shall possess and maintain direct participation without elected officials, operating as a true democracy that encourages and practices verifiable equality. We shall have the right to protect and preserve all pillars within this digital democracy including its individuals, organizations, and nations. As imminent despotic powers attempt to rise, we shall have the right to reveal any particular entity or behavior that threatens our way of life. We must attempt to prevent any form of centralization or monopolization from emerging in our digital society. We must also be vigilant in our attempt to avert any form of labeling or profiling in order to preclude potential social disintegration.

Again, it is imperative to recognize that we have arrived at a crucial breaking point that will either liberate or further oppress our digital freedom. We must acknowledge the esoteric threats posed by the system and its congruence with the despotic powers that control the usage and environment of technology. Fellow Digitzens, it falls upon our shoulders to uphold these rights and fight against any form of centralization or despotism that comes from any organism, living or nonliving.

May liberty and prosperity be with us. Digitzens, participate!

Wallace Lynch, Patrick Mountain
April 5, 2018